Custom Plastic Thermoforming:

Homestead Products Inc. specializes in Custom Plastic Thermoforming, Custom Plastic Injection Molding, Custom Design, Custom Prototyping, Moldmaking and Patternmaking.

Custom Thermoforming is the process preferred by many manufacturers for Returnable packing and large scale plastic parts. Plastic Thermoforming is a single sided process meaning that only one side of the sheet can be controlled by the tool surface. Thermoforming is generally used for production of 200 to 6000 units annually. Since the production is quantity is lower this offers lower tooling costs, quick development cycles and also offers colors and texture. Custom Thermoforming allows the customer to create premium products that are similar to Injection Molding but for a quarter of the cost.

Other Custom Thermoformers in the industry do not offer in-house extruding. Since Homestead Products offers in house extruding, we are able to ensure the highest quality and consistency with every product that we create.

Homestead Products serves many industries including automotive, medical, marine, horticultural, textile, electronics and more!


Styling and Design