Homestead Products, Inc. began business in December of 1965 as Homestead Tool & Machine, Inc.  This business was started to manufacture molds and tools for the manufacturing of refrigerator components.

In 1970, Homestead Tool added another dimension by creating another business known today as Homestead Foundry.  This business was created to provide the castings for the tools being manufactured by Homestead Tool and later expanded into the automotive industry.  Also in the 1970s, the Homestead Companies began producing for AEDC government contracts, manufacturing wind tunnel blades and spacers.

HPI, or Homestead Products, Inc., began business in 1982 by securing an OEM contract with General Motors, which it maintained through December 1997 for the manufacture of pickup truck bedliners.  During this time, an identical aftermarket product was produced with a registered trademark, "Bed Gard."  At the present time, an OEM contract is in effect with Ford SVO, Racing Division, for pickup truck bedliners.

HPI presently manufactures other products such as egress windows for residential construction, hot tubs, children's playground slides, canoes, rear seat modules for police cars, and other miscellaneous items.

In 1986, the SMC Division was started as a joint venture with Homestead Tool and Quantum Composites.  SMC, or sheet molding compound, is a line capable of producing 40 million pounds a year.  This operation produces products such as snowmobile hoods, belly pans, basketball backboards, spoilers, light bridges, tube trays, battery cases, etc. 

In 1988 came the development and operation of "Pultrusion", the opposite of the commonly known term in the plastic industry known as "Extrusion."  This operation produces products for the automotive industry and others for material handling.